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Vehicle batteries do not last forever. If your vehicle battery is losing juice, be proactive. Lean on our battery testing experts to gauge your vehicle battery’s remaining life. The last thing you want is for a dead battery to catch you off guard.

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Test Your Battery Today for a Better Tomorrow

Did you know that short rides gradually zap your vehicle’s battery of its power? Automobile batteries require periodic extensive drives to function at the optimal level. Here’s how to boost the lifespan of your vehicle’s battery:

  • Plan some long trips that last at least 20 minutes. These lengthy drives give your vehicle’s battery the chance to recharge in full.
  • Such recharging prolongs the battery’s lifespan, preventing a frustrating loss of juice that leaves you with a dead battery while out and about.
  • Make sure the power adapters are unplugged after you have parked your vehicle.
  • Turn of the interior and exterior vehicle lights before leaving your car.

Make Your AppointmentWhen Should I Change My Car Battery?

Make Your Appointment When Should I Change My Car Battery?

Complimentary Battery Check

Actuate the positive, eliminate the negative.

Be proactive by bringing your vehicle to Stone Mountain Nissan for a battery testing. We’ll perform a quick and easy test of your automobile’s battery so you don’t find yourself stranded away from home with a battery that is out of juice. If your vehicle is four years or older or if it is slow to start, the battery should be tested quite regularly. Bring your vehicle in, let the Stone Mountain Nissan battery experts perform a test and you’ll enjoy an invaluable peace of mind.

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